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It appears you made a mistake while posting! Luckily the queen of /mu/ is here to / help. See here on /mu/ we value the opinions of those deemed "tripfriends". Being a tripfriend can bring many benefits for you! For one, tripfriends always post quality content because they have a rep to uphold unlike anons who tend to be more chaotic with their posting! Did you know that 99.9% of poor posting comes from anon? Now you know! Another reason to become one is that it allows you to join a community of loving individuals. Tripfriends love supporting each other! Don't be surprise if you're posting in a thread and you see a fellow tripfriend saying "nice post ;)" or "upvote for you sir or madem or gentlemadem". Upvotes in case you're not aware of them are ways to tell people you like their post so make sure to upvote every tripfriends post in order to spread the love! Anyway, you're probs confused as to how to join the magical land of tripfriends! Luckily I can help! First, you see that big box at the top where you post content? Click on the name box and input any name you want! For example lets use "Fantano" as an example. But don't stop there! Make sure to add a secure trip to ensure no one else can hack into your account by using a hashtag sign or # after the name! Input a password like 12345 after the hashtag and you are good to go! Welcome to 4chan and I hope you enjoy posting!

The tripfriends are amazing people who have decided to adopt a tripcode because their parents are good role-models and gave them enough attention. Compared to most other boards, /mu/ has a considerable tripfriend population. This is often seen as a positive by the members of the community. Some are good, just kidding, they're all good.

A complete list of tripfriends can be found at the /mu/ archive.

If you wish to add your own tripcode to the list, edit the page in source mode and read the instructions.  


Tripcode Speciality Last.fm
Miranda Kerr !!Z7S/7c66Ns9 posting pictures of Miranda Kerr kerrlove
Sanic Hegehog !iFASTD1Q3c Going fast, Power Electronics SanicHegehog
Completely Generic !emofagMSk6 feels, skramz, sadzz emo xBinary
CrowFeathers !D//////1U. HiFi, record players, 90s Britbleeps, folk, female vox, being nice to ppl _CrowFeather_
Masha Scream !4RjArtanis Folk Metal ArtanisXp
Cancer ▲nd Poppy Tarts !ELqJewgazI Feels, ambient hotbagels
DarkAlley !OXkEmt2iS6, !Alley/2ONo /mu/tant radio dj, negro Dark_Alley92
Moosick !bWOOOOQy/6 BWOOOOOOOOOO Banjocal
(◡‿◡✿) !/Ducky/2Pc life, last.fm threads Dvcky
Triforceguy !!6EQr+Fq9HPR Bleeps And BloopsNoise triforceguy
Kreative !Vargy1Jg3I Black Metal, Burzum KreativE535
big_luigi_fan !!kRpbvMWHxjb Post your picture and others guess what you listen to, electronic, pop, memes, good music, sharethreads, ant-piracy, memes exposed roverzero
The University of California Berkeley !vUlVA050D2, !QuarkQByko Chart threads, share threads, art dealership.
smooch !2/zoooooBk Post your picture and others guess what you listen to, electronic, pop, memes, good music, sharethreads, ant-piracy, memes exposed yfrz
AntiPope !qEqbFqc/.w New WaveSynthpop
Blood Rainbow !!6ueS4TJTaQw being extremely cultured BrianSoph
btrl !btrl.mmzrs!BIOTROLLTM Autism Mecoptera
BanjoMan Franklin !hDc0ExMf9g Folk warmandcrispy
P R A X I S !qMQtTHEORY Power Meal JacobSchwartz
Mootkips !mootG3zoDY Weeaboo garbage brofessoroak
Hipster Buddha !33XVmS0VO2 Banging ur sister, super obscure music HipsterBuddha
Wait, what? !!bb6OCCHf8E!!8QSg4Z8LtwO Alternative rock, post-metal, tapmusic silverhawk79
CLT !GIp9ameeyM Patrician/Plebeian Studies, Classical Bananafish948
mailto:otliam RYM-core inanechatter
Crimson !SifuMFRlMI pretending to be a girl crimsonmaestro
Drop !timidUlun. chart threads, noise rock, shoegaze pordish
Bodacious Tatas !ARROW5za.s Sublime scubadubadoo
iGod Nano !!CuP+9n1edH+ Death Grips iGodNano
Snakey !CAwxfifE8g Women's rights thesnakearmedma
Henry Rollins !iSAPunkhWQ Punk kerosene_around
ln !!a6LpkJWGfDi Death Metal


Nude !!B5C1140gNMW Music Theory
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince !Headf1obRo Prince, Top 40, Image Dumps
Gray Blob !1fuckupmdM Plebcore, negro rogueofmv
Nomad  !7RYMCOREI6 RYM-core Music_Party
rewölfer !!We3w9jUGhuh teganandsaracore freevodka
LÆTHERJACKET !wCmtJZTZk2 NoiseNeofolk laetherjacket
sassy 420ing sassy_
CaP'n Die Katze !SMilE4YQCE Psychedelic rock/pop Die_Katzee
Junes !CoRdettXZY Purity-core, James Blake, post-gospel Cordett
VaginasoreJr. !Cop/NOIR8s NoisePower Electronics clippingroses
Turny !TURNYZiojo Turntablism, Funky Breaks TURNYZ
steppa !!PSsFu8GoU8Y

Bleeps And Bloops, Dubstep


Patrc0 !8FYgz64B92 Extreme meals (cuck) Patrc0
based butts nerd-core, Emo, no gf greengiantyum
yungxanga !JTRuPi9JAc nothing ethanz94
Hamtrax !ELlXHQJSwk ye-ye,twee,detroit techno, Hip Hop vyeisterrible
Rustie !rustyloyeA Awards, indie, bleeps, bloops,  and butts jimmyboy5555
CHOLO !!OolZkOF1B/O Dicklick Brigade, being a faggot indiestuff
Wolves / Egyptian God Card !AnCo59A/Ns feels, anti-racism, misato clan, feminism w_lves
Stay !GOLD/grW6Y lauren mayberry, GETs, giving pizza to strangers TheHoePt2