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The tripfags are posters who have decided to adopt a tripcode. Compared to most other boards, /mu/ has a considerable tripfag population. This is often seen as a negative by anons Some are good, some are bad you decide.

A complete list of tripfags can be found at the /mu/ archive.

If you wish to add your own tripcode to the list, edit the page in source mode and read the instructions.  


Tripcode Speciality Last.fm
Miranda Kerr !!Z7S/7c66Ns9 posting pictures of Miranda Kerr kerrlove
Sanic Hegehog !iFASTD1Q3c Going fast, Power Electronics SanicHegehog
Completely Generic !emofagMSk6 feels, skramz, sadzz emo xBinary
CrowFeathers !D//////1U. HiFi, record players, 90s Britbleeps, folk, female vox, being nice to ppl _CrowFeather_
Masha Scream !4RjArtanis Folk Metal ArtanisXp
Cancer ▲nd Poppy Tarts !ELqJewgazI Feels, ambient hotbagels
DarkAlley !OXkEmt2iS6, !Alley/2ONo /mu/tant radio dj, negro Dark_Alley92
Moosick !bWOOOOQy/6 BWOOOOOOOOOO Banjocal
(◡‿◡✿) !/Ducky/2Pc life, last.fm threads Dvcky
Triforceguy !!6EQr+Fq9HPR Bleeps And BloopsNoise triforceguy
Kreative !Vargy1Jg3I Black Metal, Burzum KreativE535
big_luigi_fan !!kRpbvMWHxjb Post your picture and others guess what you listen to, electronic, pop, memes, good music, sharethreads, ant-piracy, memes exposed roverzero
The University of California Berkeley !vUlVA050D2, !QuarkQByko Chart threads, share threads, art dealership.
smooch !2/zoooooBk Post your picture and others guess what you listen to, electronic, pop, memes, good music, sharethreads, ant-piracy, memes exposed yfrz
AntiPope !qEqbFqc/.w New WaveSynthpop
Blood Rainbow !!6ueS4TJTaQw being extremely cultured BrianSoph
btrl !btrl.mmzrs!BIOTROLLTM Autism Mecoptera
BanjoMan Franklin !hDc0ExMf9g Folk warmandcrispy
P R A X I S !qMQtTHEORY Power Meal JacobSchwartz
Mootkips !mootG3zoDY Weeaboo garbage brofessoroak
Hipster Buddha !33XVmS0VO2 Banging ur sister, super obscure music HipsterBuddha
Wait, what? !!bb6OCCHf8E!!8QSg4Z8LtwO Alternative rock, post-metal, tapmusic silverhawk79
CLT !GIp9ameeyM Patrician/Plebeian Studies, Classical Bananafish948
mailto:otliam RYM-core inanechatter
Crimson !SifuMFRlMI pretending to be a girl crimsonmaestro
Drop !timidUlun. chart threads, noise rock, shoegaze pordish
Bodacious Tatas !ARROW5za.s Sublime scubadubadoo
iGod Nano !!CuP+9n1edH+ Death Grips iGodNano
Snakey !CAwxfifE8g Men's rights thesnakearmedma
Henry Rollins !iSAPunkhWQ Punk kerosene_around
ln !!a6LpkJWGfDi Death Metal


Nude !!B5C1140gNMW Music Theory
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince !Headf1obRo Prince, Top 40, Image Dumps
Gray Blob !1fuckupmdM Plebcore, negro rogueofmv
Nomad  !7RYMCOREI6 RYM-core Music_Party
rewölfer !!We3w9jUGhuh teganandsaracore freevodka
LÆTHERJACKET !wCmtJZTZk2 NoiseNeofolk laetherjacket
sassy 420ing sassy_
CaP'n Die Katze !SMilE4YQCE Psychedelic rock/pop Die_Katzee
VaginasoreJr. !Cop/NOIR8s NoisePower Electronics clippingroses
Turny !TURNYZiojo Turntablism, Funky Breaks TURNYZ
steppa !!PSsFu8GoU8Y

Bleeps And Bloops, Dubstep


Patrc0 !8FYgz64B92 Extreme meals (cuck) Patrc0
based butts nerd-core, Emo, no gf greengiantyum
yungxanga !JTRuPi9JAc nothing ethanz94
Hamtrax !ELlXHQJSwk ye-ye,twee,detroit techno, Hip Hop vyeisterrible
Rustie !rustyloyeA Awards, indie, bleeps, bloops,  and butts jimmyboy5555
CHOLO !!OolZkOF1B/O Dicklick Brigade, being a faggot indiestuff
Wolves / Egyptian God Card !AnCo59A/Ns feels, anti-racism, misato clan, feminism w_lves
Stay !GOLD/grW6Y lauren mayberry, GETs, giving pizza to strangers TheHoePt2