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Solace and Complacency[]

Damn cover
Studio album by Damn[]
Released   4 April 2015[]
Recorded  4 April 2015[]
Genre         Plunderphonics • comedy  electronic rock                  • vapourwave • ambient • experimental                            hip hop • art rock • death metal[]
Length        60:00[]
Producer   Damn[]
Label          Install a Friend[]
Spoler/Spoiler chronology[]
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Solace and Complacency[]

Those Who Have Found Solace and Complacency in the Internet. Having Your Heroes All Be Wrestlers and Play on a Coordinated Team on Delta Force 3 Speaks to the Kind of Apathy and Disinterest that a Lot of the People in This Generation Now Have. They Don’t Feel the Need or Have Any Desire to Do Anything With Their Lives Beyond This is the debut album my totally lame /mu/-based crowdsourcing band Damn. I recognize that the title is totally try-hard, but hey, that's what crowdsourcing is for!

Track listing[]

No. Title Genre Length
1. "Intro" Plunderphonics 1:13


"Rolling for Cover"



3. "An Orange Blossom" Electronic rock 2:09
4. "Bubbling Cum" Plunderphonics 9:43
5. " I'm Currently Laying in My Bed Wearing the Santa Claus Costume and Some Overknees of My Sister. Feels Nice" Plunderphonics, vapourwave 13:54
6. "Dickcum" Experimental hip-hop 1:18
7. "I Live in My Mother's Basement (Reprise)" Art rock


8. "Carnival of Light feat. The Beatles & Paul McCartney, & Paul McCartney" Plunderphonics 0:26
9. "If You're Reading This Then You're a Faggot" Death metal 2:08
10. "Creme All On My Robes feat. Dan Deacon and Fenriz" Comedy 2:40
11. "Solace and Complacency" Experimental 12:12
12. "Carly Rae Jepsen - All That (Damn Remix)" Vapourwave 9:27