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The English singer, Thom Yorke, his full name being Thomas Edward Yorke, is a core member of the band Atoms for Peace and the vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist for Radiohead, his vocal work being featured in every song in Radiohead's discography, with the exception of "Fitter Happier", which features a cameo from Stephen Hawking. He is commonly known for singing in falsetto.

Thom Yorke generally evokes loathing from most of /mu/ due to the fact that his name is commonly associated with Radiohead.

Solo Work[]

The Eraser[]

His solo album, The Eraser, had been released in 2006. The Eraser reflects Thom Yorke's interest in beats electronics, and computer-ish stuff.

Tomorrows Modern Boxes[]

Yorke released his second solo album, Tomorrows Modern Boxes, in 2014. He released the album through bittorrent's bundles system, in which a bittorrent user could pay 6 USD to download the album as a torrent. His next solo effort reflects his experimentation in 2006's The Eraser, and Atoms For Peace in 2013.


In 2018, he composed the soundtrack for the remake of the Italian horror film Suspiria despite being unable to read sheet music, making the album a one-two punch of patrician.

Atoms for Peace[]

Atoms for peace had initially been formed to perform songs from Thom's solo album, The Eraser, when on tour in 2009, but soon after, Atoms for Peace had began forming its own original content with Thom, creating their debut album, Amok.

Atoms for Peace is, in addition to Yorke, composed of that bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea), Joey Waronker, Nigel Godrich and Mauro Refosco.

The name Atoms for Peace had been taken from the sixth track of Thom's solo album, The Eraser.


The debut album of Atoms for Peace. Nobody really knows about it, but once in a while you'll see it in a chart thread on /mu/.