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Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

The cover art for The Monitor.

The Monitor is an album by New Jersey band Titus Andronicus . It was released on March 9, 2010, and recieved huge critical acclaim, becomingPitchfork Media's #10 album of 2010 with an 8.5 score. It also got an 8.2 on Metacritic, but nobody gives a fuck about Metacritic.


The album has many references to the American Civil War scattered throughout it, in the form of period-appropriate quotes and references to major events. The most obvious of these would be the first verse and title of "The Battle of Hampton Roads, which directly references the real battle. It mixes Civil War imagery with confessional lyrics, mirroring the author's infatuation with the time period.

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing[]

  1. "A More Perfect Union" - 7:09
  2. "Titus Andronicus Forever" - 1:55
  3. "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future" - 5:16
  4. "Richard II" - 5:06
  5. "A Pot in Which to Piss" - 8:53
  6. "Four Score and Seven" - 8:38
  7. "Theme From 'Cheers'" - 5:01
  8. "To Old Friends and New" - 7:00
  9. "…And Ever" - 2:24
  10. "The Battle of Hampton Roads" - 14:02