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The Money Store is the debut studio album and third overall release from Sacramento-based experimental edge-hop group, Death Grips, released  on April 24, 2012. It featured a more poppy and accessible sound compared to the raw and abrasive sound of their previous release, Exmilitary.

This album was much anticipated on /mu/ following the success of Exmilitary, its popularity on the board and its high rating from Anthony Fantano. Upon release, the album scored a perfect 10 from Fantano, which set /mu/ ablaze and very quickly propelled Death Grips to meme status. The album also received consistently positive reception from other critics.

The album is generally accepted as /mu/core, and Death Grips as a whole is generally accepted as a staple of the board culture. All of Death Grips' studio albums garner an equal amount of discussion to this day, but it is The Money Store that appears on most /mu/core charts for its reputation as Death Grips' breakthrough album.

The album was soon followed by NO LOVE DEEP WEB, the next Death Grips studio album, which was ten times edgier and had a penis on the album cover, therefore it spawned a lot more memes and further contributed to the downfall of /mu/.

Critical reception[]

Pitchfork - 8.7/10

Robert Christgau - A-

Anthony Fantano - 10/10

Track listing[]

  1. Get Got - 2:52
  2. The Fever (Aye Aye) - 3:07
  3. Lost Boys - 3:06
  4. Blackjack - 2:22
  5. Hustle Bones - 3:03
  6. I've Seen Footage - 3:23
  7. Double Helix - 2:37
  8. System Blower - 3:44
  9. The Cage - 3:31
  10. Punk Weight - 3:24
  11. Fuck That - 2:24
  12. Bitch Please - 2:56
  13. Hacker - 4:35


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