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The Flaming Lips' current lineup. From left to right: Steven Drozd, Michael Ivins, Wayne Coyne, Kliph Scurlock, Derek Brown.

The Flaming Lips are a psychedelic rock band from Oklahoma. They are one of the oldest groups in the modern indie scene, and have gone through several shifts in style throughout their career. They are fronted by vocalist Wayne Coyne, and currently also feature long-time members Michael Ivins and Steven Drozd, as well as drummer Kliph Scurlock and multi-instrumentalist Derek Brown. 

They are famous for their live shows, which have a large focus on visual experiences, and many compare them to psychedelic experiences moreso than simple rock performances. 




  • The Flaming Lips (1984)
  • Unconsciously Screamin' (1990)
  • Yeah, I Know It's a Drag... But Wastin Pigs Is Still Radical (1991)
  • Due to High Expectations... The Flaming Lips Are Providing Needles for Your Balloons (1994)
  • The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest (2001)
  • Fight Test (2003)
  • Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell (2003)
  • Yoshimi Wins! (Live Radio Sessions) (2005)
  • It Overtakes Me (2006)
  • Peace Sword (2013)
  • Peace and Paranoia (2013) (with Tame Impala)

2011 Material[]

In 2011, the Flaming Lips released a series of EPs, songs, experiments and products that were collectivelly corralled under "The Flaming Lips 2011." The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends came out in 2012, but is considered a culmination of all the collaborations the band did in 2011. 

  • Two Blobs Fucking
  • The Flaming Lips with Neon Indian EP
  • Gummy Song Skull EP
  • The Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73 EP
  • Gummy Song Fetus EP
  • The Flaming Lips with Lightning Bolt EP
  • 6 Hour Song (Found a Star on the Ground)
  • Strobo Trip EP
  • 24 Hour Song (7 Skies H3)
  • The Flaming Lips with Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band EP
  • The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

Films/DVDs []

  • The Fearless Freaks (2005)
  • VOID (2005)
  • U.F.O.s at the Zoo (2006)
  • Christmas on Mars (2008)