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The Boy with the Arab Strap is the third album by Belle & Sebastian. It was released two years after the release of their first two albums. Unlike the previous two albums, which featured vocals and songriting exclusively from frontman Stuart Murdoch, this album features songs from bandmates Stuart David, Isobel Campbell and Stevie Jackson. It was praised by most critics, except for Pitchfork, who severely panned the album, calling it a self-parody. However, the review was later deleted.

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing[]

(All songs by Stuart Murdoch unless otherwise noted)

  1. It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career - 2:23
  2. Sleep the Clock Around - 4:57
  3. Is It Wicked Not to Care? - 3:22 (Isobel Campbell)
  4. Ease Your Feet in the Sea - 3:35
  5. A Summer Wasting - 2:06
  6. Seymour Stein - 4:42 (Stevie Jackson)
  7. A Space Boy Dream - 3:01 (Stuart David)
  8. Dirty Dream Number Two - 4:14
  9. The Boy with the Arab Strap - 5:14
  10. Chickfactor - 3:31 (Stevie Jackson)
  11. Simple Things - 1:46
  12. The Rollercoaster Ride - 6:36

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