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Taco Tuesday[]
Studio album by Spoler/Spoiler[]
Released   4 April 2015[]
Recorded  4 April 2015[]
Genre         Dark ambient • IDM • shoegazing  art                      rock • experimental • post-EDM[]
Length        77:54[]
Producer   Spoler/Spoiler[]
Spoler/Spoiler chronology[]
Taco Tuesday[]

Taco Tuesday is the sixth album by crowdsourcing band Spoler/Spoiler, released independently via Bandcamp on April 2015. It was the product of a challenge made on the imageboard 4chan's music section "/mu/" to produce an full studio album in a day, involving as many producers and musicians as necessary. The album is notable for it's fifth and longest track, "Can I Also Do Track 7?" whose running time runs in excess of 31 minutes, and many of its other long songs, including "Please No, At Least Be Creative", "NSA Honeypot", and "Wanker's Paradise."

"Wanker's Paradise" was made by Lionweed, and the song contains him "failing to play "crosswords" by panda bear (using my laptop keyboard and then fl slayer) slowed down into oblivion".

Please No, At Least Be Creative was made by Hyperultra, and was the result of him dicking around in FL Studio for an hour and trying to create the longest song possible.

It can be downloaded for free here. The thread that was used to make the album is here, and the listen along thread is here.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length
1. "Wanker's Paradise" 7:19


"Please No, At Least Be Creative"


3. "This Was One of My Favourites" 5:38
4. "Seriously, It's Time For You To Go To Bed" 3:22
5. "Can I Also Do Track 7?" 31:31
6. "NSA Honeypot" 10:15
7. "Queen" 3:31