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Storecore (also known as Minimal Wagecore, Post-Charity and Walmartcore) is the latest flavour of the month genre (as of June 2013) that's taking /mu/ by storm. Storecore is a subgenre of choir music that is characterized by a store theme (most commonly but not restricted to Walmart). Instruments vary wildly from accordions to banjos. Lyrics are often upbeat and thematically about Christianity.

Notable Albums[]

Walmart Associate Choir - Eyes of a Child


Vapormart (also known as Walsoft and Storewave)  - Storecore meets vaporwave and mallsoft. Essentially vaporwave made with storecore as the source.


Walmart Associate Choir Vaporwave Remix

Storecore experimental hip hop fusion - Possibly the most successfull storecore microgenre. The Death Grips remix of Paz En Mi Corazon was called by Piero Scaruffi The first and probably last objectively 10/10 musical piece of the history of humanity.


Walmart Associate Choir ft Death Grips - Takyon En Mi Corazón

Dronemart (also known as Storedrone)- Drone made from storecore.


Walmart Associate Choir Drone