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Soundcloud acts very much like Uvumi.com in that it is also build as a place for (new) musicians to store their music. The huge difference is that those tracks can easily be embedded on music-blogs, so the artist doesn't have to send mp3s anymore (they just go to your music dropbox). Bloggers/listeners can then follow artists or other users that they would like to keep tabs on.

You can join groups dedicated to certain genres like Hard Electro. Some of the groups are moderated so you'll find less tracks but they're usually the better ones, others are not and contain hundreds if not thousands of tracks (mostly of the dubstep/electro/house-genre).

Soundcloud stream



The downside with Soundcloud is that it gives the name of the file uploader as the artist and the name of the file as the title. This would seem logical but because labels also upload files for their artists and not all users have the same spelling as their artist name, you sometimes get tracks in your library looking like this: !K7 Records - Kode9 - You Don't Wash (Dub) instead of Kode9 - You Don't Wash (dub).

Ways of scrobbling[]

  • Ex.fm if you're using Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The miniplayer doesn't work on the overview-pages, only user/track-pages.
  • Tomahawk Soundcloud is available as one of the resolvers, content is found using the API so it's always available.
  • SoundCloud Last.fm Scrobbler Although it's a Greasemonkey-script it will also work in Chrome. Both versions only work on the old interface, not the new https-connection.