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Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul is the sixth album by The Beatles, released on December 1965. While many of the songs on the album still focus on romance like their previous releases, the instrumentation is notably more varied. Some of the songs on the album focus on different subjects, such as Nowhere Man.

Localization Differences[]

The album, like all other Beatles studio albums, was originally released in Britain. When it was released in the US under the Capitol record label, two songs were removed: "Drive My Car" and "Nowhere Man." They were most likely removed because the lyrics were not similar to the other songs on the album. These two songs are often said to define the first side of the album, so it recommended that the Capitol release is avoided. This was the last Beatles album that Capitol modified for the US.

Track Listing[]

(All songs by John Lennon/Paul McCartney except where otherwise noted)

Side 1

  1. Drive My Car - 2:25
  2. Norwegian Wood - 2:01
  3. You Won't See Me - 3:18
  4. Nowhere Man - 2:40
  5. Think For Yourself - 2:16 (George Harrison)
  6. The Word - 2:41
  7. Michelle - 2:33

 Side 2

  1. What Goes On - 2:47 (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Richard Starkey)
  2. Girl - 2:30
  3. I'm Looking Through You - 2:23
  4. In My Life - 2:24
  5. Wait - 2:12
  6. If I Needed Someone - 2:20 (George Harrison)
  7. Run For Your Life - 2:18

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