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Record labels are an option that a lot of people seem to forget about. By looking at what record label an artist is/was signed up to, you can find new artists that are/were also signed up. A lot of smaller record labels tend to specialise in smaller genres of music, and they seem to try and hold a particular quality amongst the musicians they sign. It's not recommeded looking up the record label of larger artists, since a lot of them will just be signed to more major record labels, who dont take up artists based on style, but based on what will bring them the most money. Some suggested record labels include:

Labels available for streaming[]

These labels have made their releases available for streaming on Bandcamp, Deezer, Rdio or Spotify. The availability differs per streaming option. Their names link to a list of releases on Rdio but most of these will also be available on Deezer/Spotify. The link to RYM is there for releases that may not be available on Rdio but could be available on D/S.


Analog Africa

  • Buda Musique French label with a large collection of music from around the world, publisher of the Éthiopiques-series. RYM
  • Document Records Vintage Blues, Jazz, Boogie Woogie, Gospel and Country, generally made between 1900 and 1945. Highly recommended RYM | Wikipedia

Eastblok Music

  • Hed-Arzi Interesting looking label, mostly music from Israel. RYM

Honest Jon's Records

  • Honest Jon's Records One of the best labels out there for the better in obscure music, specializes in Caribbean, African, Middle East, Indie Rock, Blues, Jazz (both artist releases and compilations). The number of notable releases is very long. Highly recommended. RYM
  • Manufacturer Seems to have some overlap with Soundway Records?

Mr Bongo Records

  • Pneuma Interesting collection of what looks like classical/Morish/medieval music releases from this Madrid-based label. Need to rate. RYM

Soundway Records

  • Topic Records Very good label with a large collection of folk from around the world (mostly Europe, Central/South-East Asia). Although their artist tagging sometimes goes wrong and uses "Various Artists" on compilations, I'd highly recommend this. RYM
  • Tresor Techno, Minimal Techno, Tech House. RYM

Yazoo Records

  • World Music Network Their series The Rough Guide contains an excellent selection of compilations that can introduce you to a long list of countries and genres. Everything from world folk from Central Asia to more contemporary like Fado, Flamenco Nuevo and Tango. Highly Recommended. RYM


  • Académie Nice collection of compilations, includes a couple from the French colonies.
  • Arhoolie Records Re-issue label with a large catalogue of older music (10s/70s), genres include country blues, cajun, zydeco, tejano, mariachi, klezmer, rebetica, folk. This one is highly recommended. RYM
  • EPM Huge collection of mostly French orientated music. Need to rate.



These are labels that have made their releases available for direct download.

Off-line Labels[]

These are labels that only sell their releases by post or stores.