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Presto.fm is one of the few (radio) music players out there that actually uses some of your data on Last.fm, not just tags but also your library/recommendations/other people's library/multiple artists. The music comes from youtube so it can happen that there's a dud video in the list.

At the moment it doesn't do playlists or loved tracks.

Company blurb[]

Presto.fm is a free online music streaming and discovery service with the goal of connecting you to music perfectly matched to your tastes. We make it easy to explore a whole universe of music to find new bands and artists to enjoy.

Presto is developed by a couple of guys who just love music. We wanted to make a tool that could take the hard work out of finding new music and artists. A tool easy enough for our parents to use and enjoy - a music application that just works.

We're based in Australia and love listening to both niche and local artists, so that usually means even when international music services let us listen they don't have the music that we want to hear. We needed a tool that could deliver music from the biggest artists on the planet to the local garage band down the road - a tool to help listeners easily discover new artists and help musicians reach a world of new audiences.



Multi artist radio

The main difference with the Last.fm radio is that Presto is an OR-radio (plays music that is grindcore OR classical OR indie => a lot of diverse music) where Last.fm is an AND-radio (play music that is tagged with grindcore AND classical AND indie => hardly any music).


multi genre radio

A further difference is that the standard* Last.fm radio interface only allows for three tags, Presto doesn't have a limit.

(There is an option to use the external Combofm but it isn't an official part of Last.fm)


multi user radio


Recommended radio stations