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Painting With is the tenth studio album from Baltimore experimental group Animal Collective. The album was recorded in 2015 in EastWest Studios in Hollywood. Like Merriweather Post Pavilion before it, the album does not feature Deakin, who left the band once more after the conclusion of touring for Centipede Hz.

The album was premiered in November 2015, where it was played over the speakers at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. On November 30, they released the first single from the album, "FloriDada."

In Februrary 2016, the album was leaked by a Reddit user who owned a lone vinyl copy of the album. Reactions to the album were mixed; while it is generally agreed by most on /mu/ that the album is a definite improvement over Centipede Hz, it was also received negatively for its overly poppy sound and lack of melodies; the melodies, of course, that characterize the charm of Animal Collective's music.

Track Listing[]

  1. FloriDada - 4:05
  2. Hocus Pocus - 3:16
  3. Vertical - 4:14
  4. Lying in the Grass - 3:34
  5. The Burglars - 2:43
  6. Natural Selection - 2:41
  7. Bagels in Kiev - 2:48
  8. On Delay - 3:48
  9. Spilling Guts - 1:58
  10. Summing the Wretch - 3:08
  11. Golden Gal - 4:41
  12. Recycling - 4:06

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