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Kevin "2-3 Days" Shields

My Bloody Valentine is a group featuring Kevin Shields, Bilinda Butcher and some other people. They also invented shoegaze. They are best known for their 1991 album Loveless, which ended up bankrupting an entire fucking label in the band's attempt to make this monstrosity. Because most people value their careers and livelihood, nobody touched the band again until they started showing up again in the late 2000s for some reason. They put out their first record in 20 years, m b v, in 2013. 



EPs & Mini-LPs[]

  • This Is Your Bloody Valentine (1985)
  • Geek! (1985)
  • The New Record by My Bloody Valentine (1986)
  • Sunny Sundae Smile (1987)
  • Strawberry Wine (1987)
  • Ecstasy (1987)
  • You Made Me Realise (1988)
  • Glider (1990)
  • Tremolo (1991)


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