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The story of Montie is an interesting one to say the least; he's one of the more well known tripfaggots since CTRL and Hampus left the site and has left his fair share of shitty memes upon the site.

Montie first rose to annoyance in late 2015, with the popularization of his /mu/ Skype group which contained many idiots who would go on to be RYM avant-teens. Users in the Skype group started spamming shitty threads making fun of Mr. Bungle that Montie would post (usually calling the s/t album 'Sporkcore') and make them hit bump limit, pissing as many people off in the process as possible.

Not only did this destroy the reputation of Mr. Bungle's s/t to the point where it is still unable to be discussed today, but Cardiacs and Magma also became jokes on the site never to be discussed seriously again.

Montie's love for Oasis would also drag /mu/ into the massive shitstorm that was 2016, and for a while constant threads would be up about Oasis, Britpop, and in any thread Montie would post in people would reply with "Shut the fuck up Montie you listen to Oasis" (which always derailed the thread).

Montie would go on to also popularize the 'Poseurcore' meme in 2016, which was really just a rehash of the Mall Goth meme but making fun of RYM Avant Teens. This caused /mu/ to be unable, and still be unable, to discuss any avant-garde Jazz records outside of a general, Coil, and other bands written off as 'poseurcore' (mostly Industrial). Elitism became a form of shitposting on /mu/ by this time and nobody took elitists seriously anymore-so most of them fucked off to RYM.

This would go on for the rest of 2016. Montie would get doxxed (several times with pictures of his horse-like ex girlfriend being posted) yet keep posting.

by 2017 Montie's posting leveled off due to him dedicating his time to a Bedroom Pop act he named Nichard Dixon (which is now named Gulf.) among other things. He was also banned from RYM and made some Youtube videos about it. Overall he is a massive faggot.