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Rare and based i envy you meeting the based god

Based God Lil B and some White Guy

Lil B is #RARE, #BASED, #SWAG, #APRETTYBITCH ,#LETTHATBOYCOOK. He has more music than all y'all niggas, and he got ten felonies, as described in the critically acclaimed video for "Wonton Soup" Lil B has the Task Force and the Bitch Mob so don't be fake Based and stay positive.Lil B loves people and animals.


Lil B owns swag, he fucked my bitch! No one in the rap game can handle his shit nigga. Lil B is gorgeous, and can fuck my bitch, and your bitch (inb4tfw no gf), Lil B owns it nigga. Berkeley represent.


Swag as fuck nigga, you a California Boy? Lil B is. He is gentle and gorgeous. He has released the most critically acclaimed classical albums of all time nigga, and he is Based, so stay positive.  Very few have ever seen the Based God.  


Live Based task force. Stay positive. It's important to pray to BasedGod every day, and to let Lil B fuck your bitch.  Being based is the first step to becoming a master chef.Cook knife chef pot knife woopot steak knife woo woo swag.

KEKE.  []

Keke, is the first cat in the rap game, Lil B produced her, so revolutionary