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Kevin is a dadrocker who draws comic strips that are idealized versions of his life that could not possibly happen.


Kevin's fucking comic is called 3-Chord-Dorks, a cringe-fest that spends most of its time being poorly drawn, and the rest of it jizzing over old Nintendo gaemz and fucking AC/DC.

Occasionally, Kevin tries to do a story-arch, resulting in too many threads about how uncomfortable it is to read and how lazy Kevin is for bitching about having to draw a fucking comic.

No kevin

what a cunt

Most of the fucking comics Kevin draws are edited by /mu/, because the only way you can go with the source material is up.

Kevin Stop Recommending Me Music You Pleb[]

Kevin likes to talk about music underneath each comic. Usually it's some dad-rock-esque band that is obviously ripping of Led Zeppelin in a shameless way, and the rest of it is him bitching about how shitty /mu/ thinks his taste in music is.

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What is there to get Kevin?

Fucking 3-Chord-Dorks, Kevin's Comic