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Junes is most often found posting with Yuno, being the purest anime character

Junes Cordett is self-dubbed "Purity Queen" and he is most pure tripfag on /mu/, as well as founder of the /mu/ Pure Alliance.


Junes originally began as "Juniper" in late 2011, being inspired to trip after Cooltop leaked all his tripcodes. Junes spammed /mu/ with feel threads alongside The Pope. After doing so, he became a recognized tripfag and permenant member of the mucrew tinychat trip gang. He went on to found various last.fm groups.


Junes Cordett is the creator of the Purity belief. According to the creator:

Pure, in general form, is acting with selfless intentions whilst living a life of proactive, correct and logical choices where blame is nonexistent and there replaced with gratitude.


Namefag Based Butts claims that "junes is a wanker" in his 2013 wikia editing.

Resident Queen of /mu/, Hipster Buddha, described Junes as "pretty qt" on last.fm.