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Hospice is the third album and first concept album from Brooklyn indie rock and dream pop band The Antlers.  The album was recorded and produced at Watcher's Woods in Brooklyn between July of 2007 and August of 2008.  The album was initally self released by the band in March of 2009, but was reissued in August of the same year when demand for the album proved so great that the band could not produce enough copies on their own.  The album has received massive critical acclaim, earning from Pitchfork Media a score of 8.5/10 as well as the title of "Best New Music."  The album is frequently discussed on /mu/ and, as such, is accepted in the category of /mu/core music.



Hospice follows the story of a hospice worker and a woman who is dying of terminal bone cancer.  The album follows their relationship as it develops into a romance, but begins to spiral down because of the woman's fears, doubts, and eventually her decease.  The album ends with the hospice worker that took care of her left in a depressed state, never truly having let go of her after her death.

Meaning of the Album and Autobiographical Nature[]

The album has caused many a discussion as to its exact meaning.  The frontman for The Antlers, Peter Silberman, has not been forthcoming with any information regarding the exact meaning of the album as well as its autobiographical nature.  The closeset we have gotten to an actual response regarding the album is a hint from Silberman that the story serves as a metaphor for an abusive relationship.

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing  []

  1. Prologue - 2:35
  2. Kettering - 5:10
  3. Sylvia - 5:27
  4. Atrophy - 7:40
  5. Bear - 3:54
  6. Thirteen - 3:11
  7. Two - 5:56
  8. Shiva - 3:45
  9. Wake - 8:44
  10. Epilogue - 5:25

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