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Hollinndagain is a live album by Animal Collective, released in 2002. As the Animal Collective name had not been created at the time, it was released as "Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist." The first three songs were recorded during a performance on a New Jersey radio station, while the rest are taken from their tour.

Although Hollinndagain is a live album, most fans treat it as one of the band's main albums because it features all new songs, except "Lablakely Dress," which is also found on Danse Manatee

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing[]

  1. I See You Pan - 10:24
  2. Pride and Fight - 11:24
  3. Forest Gospel - 4:23
  4. There's an Arrow - 3:04
  5. Lablakely Dress - 5:23
  6. Tell It to the Mountain - 4:37
  7. Pumpkin Gets a Snakebite - 2:18

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