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Hipster Buddha, is the current and finale holder of the title "ruler of /mu/ and 4chan". Currently, making over 3000k an hour by being plain awesome and better then you, she spends most of her time listening to super obscure music. If you ever happen to see her, bow down to your queen because she is much more worthy then your speckles life will ever be.


Born to a family of wolves, Hipster Buddha was destined since birth to be alpha as fuck. During her early years within the wolf pack, she develop a taste for super obscure shit that you will nvr know because you are far too lame to appreciate. This was of course, when she discovered her love for music and decided to spread her joy to all over the world. Eventually, she found /mu/ and well, we all know what happened after that!

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My Bitch[]

Hipster Buddha fucked my bitch