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Grooveshark was an online music streaming service based in the United States. It had a search engine, streaming service, and recommendation application. Users could stream and upload music that could be played immediately or added to a playlist.

A nice feature was the ability to add about ten tracks to the (now playing) queue and turn on the radio-option. Grooveshark would then add more related tracks automatically and the user had the option to request tracks that are more or less related.



As of January 2012, Grooveshark has been sued for copyright-violations by all the major music companies. For one suit complaining about copyright-infringement, the liabilities have been estimated at seventeen billion U.S. dollars. Concerns about copyrights led Google, Apple and Facebook to remove Grooveshark's applications from Google Play, the App Store (iOS) and Facebook platform respectively.

On April 30, 2015, Grooveshark shut down as part of a settlement.

Free accounts[]

Usage for Free accounts was not time-limited like so many other places. Grooveshark used display ads that could be easily blocked with AdBlockPlus. Like Last.fm it would display a notification if it doesn't detect activity on the page for a long time and pause the music.

External tools[]


GrooveWalrus 0.08 - GrooveShark Last.fm Love

GrooveWalrus 0.08 - GrooveShark + Last.fm + Love

  • With the desktop application Groovewalrus (free Windows/Linux) it also possible to play unrestricted music from Grooveshark with the option to download the tracks as well. It also has a good integration with your Last.fm-data.
  • GrooveBackup Use this site to export your Grooveshark playlists/favorites as a comma separated list.
  • GroovyLists Use this to import your Last.fm/Spotify playlists or create one from a plaintext file. The import is limited to a maximum of 200 tracks.