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gogoyoko is an online music store and social network for music fans, artists and labels bringing you Fair Play in Music. Buy your music straight from the source and support your favorite artists. DRM-free. Access your music from anywhere. Everyone can stream full tracks and albums using the awesome gogoyoko player and two cents go to the artist each time. Look at it as a try before you buy thing. gogoyoko shares 40% of the advertisement income with artists and rights holders based on streaming of the music. That's Fair Play in Music.

Company Blurb[]

  • Stream for Free - We pay the artists for every song that is played and you can listen for free.
  • Buy Directly from Artists - Support your favorite artists and buy directly from the people making the music.
  • Support Charity - 10% of all ad revenue on the site goes to charity. Artists can donate a part of their sales.
  • Connect & Share - You affect what becomes popular in the store by sharing what you like with others.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people buy and listen to music online. gogoyoko is a social music marketplace where music fans can buy directly from the artists. Artists can now have total control over the way their music is sold.

Everyone can share and stream their favorite music, using their own customizable player. You can store your music-collection online or download it to any portable device.

Artist not only set the price of the music, but they get 100% of the profit as well as extra revenue from streaming.