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Giles Corey is a depressive folk rock project headed by Dan Barrett. Its first full-length album, Giles Corey, was released in 2011, on Enemies List Home Recordings, Dan Barrett's record label.

One day, while having a panic attack, Danny Boy put a cloth sack from 1467 on his head and took a few pictures. He then released some Have A Nice Life demos under the name of some historical figure, fitting with the theme of Deathconsciousness and got even more indie cred.

Giles Corey Is most famous for writing his highly satirical song, "I'm Going to do it" 

No, best song of the album is "No One Is Ever Going To Want Me"

No, not really. "I'm Going To Do It" is the best. It's the peak of irony.

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  • "A Landless Earth" (2011)
  • "Just Like Christmas" (2011)

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