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"Folk You, From Me To /mu/" is a Contemporary Folk, Anti-Folk, Singer/Songwriter album by an anonymous group dubbed "Folk Singers of /mu/." [1]

The album was spurred by a roll thread on the date of July 18, 2015 - anons rolled for random topics, around which they recorded and shared songs via the website "Vocaroo." After around 7 songs had been recorded, the anons decided the quality of the songs was much higher than usual. They then compiled these songs (and 11 later songs) into an online, downloadable release via Bandcamp.[1] The songs were arranged in the exact order as they were posted to the thread.

The album covers a wide variety of topics, including: "loneliness, suppressed racial tensions, existential anxieties, love, jealousy, God, sex, death (is there an afterlife?), and more."[2]

The album has, so far, received acknowledgement from the likes of music critic, Anthony Fantano,[3] and the BBC.[4] Fantano gave the album a negative review, stating: "U guys didn't come hard enuff w/ the memes aka - the may mays." The review was written on a piece of paper, with which Fantano took a selfie and posted the photo to 4chan.[5]

Track list:

1. Ashamed of Death 02:06
2. chumbawumbanz@gmail.com - Just Me and My 4 Inch Penis 01:50
3. What Is This Monkey Coming Towards Me? 00:41
5. I Really Want The Past Back 01:14
6. Nigger Envy 00:56
7. Scared of Life 01:56
8. Ughh by Ray Romano 00:35
9. Fuck The Past 01:58
10. Interested In Black People 00:43
11. Am I Shitty Enough? 03:01
12. Fuck You Death 02:56
13. Fucking Sex 01:20
14. Depressed About Sex? (Bonus Track) 00:16
15. Be My First Black Friend (Bonus Track) 02:01
16. Sharon! (Bonus Track) 01:55
17. God Is Quite Interesting (Bonus Track) 01:17
18. Where Do We Go When We Die? (Bonus Track) 01:40