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Duurrrty swans

Filth is the debut studio album by Michael Gira and the Swans released in 1983. Some hipsters consider it to be a near perfect album and the greatest that Swans has ever produced. Others think it sounds like complete dogshit (for good reason).

This album is one of Swans' edgiest releases so you know nobody above the age of 12 listens to it.


Filth is known for the abrasive and noisy sound often associated with the band's early works, as well as the lyrical content that covers a wide range of topics including body building, masturbation, carpentry, and flexing your muscles. Hipster god Piero Scaruffi thinks the album is about killing yourself with nuclear weapons. 


  • Scruffy - 8/10

Track Listing[]

  1. "Stay Here"
  2. "Big Strong Boss"
  3. "Blackout"
  4. "Power for Power"
  5. "Freak"
  6. "Right Wrong"
  7. "Thank You"
  8. "Weakling"
  9. "Gang"