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The Walmart Associate Choir was a cult formed in 1995, led by the

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schizophrenic Wally Preston. Members of the choir would frequently steal supplies from Walmart in preparation for February 10, 1998 — a day that Preston believed “something amazing would be unveiled.” When the day finally came, Preston fled to Eastern Europe after murdering all 53 members of the cult at an abandoned warehouse. The bodies were ultimately discovered on May 14, 2013, along with a plethora of rambling notes and a mysterious CD entitled “Eyes of a Child.” Upon the CD’s public release, it was described by Piero Scaruffi as the missing link between krautrock and dubstep. Many other reviewers also received the album favorably, including Robert Christgau, Pitchfork, Anthony Fantano and CLT. It is now considered a cult classic.

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After listening to the album, Barack Obama issued an official pardon for Wally Preston’s crimes.