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Drukqs is the fifth full length album by Aphex Twin and his second double album (first being SAW Volume II). It was released on the 22nd October 2001. The album title is not actually pronounced 'drugs' as some may pressume but instead is a word Richard made up LOL.


The album ventures even deeper into Richard D. James warped mind, featuring ambient music box styled melodies to samples of his family saying happy birthday to hardcore drum and bass (CMON YOU CUNTS LETS HAVE SOME OF THAT APHEX ACID). It's argueable Aphex Twin's most experimental album and may be daunting at first listen with 30 songs in total.

Something to bear in mind is that this album was released under strange circumstances. Richard D. James had been only composing music for his own personal consumption at the time and A laptop with hundreds of unreleased tracks was stolen. Fearing internet leaks, Aphex Twin released Drukqs in an attempt to consolidate the loss. Knowing this, it's important to ensure you understand that the music is bonkers because it was composed for RDJ himself. This is also why all the track names are insane (i.e. gwarek2, bit4, omgyjya switch7)


Metacritic - 66/100

Pitchfork - 5.5/10

Pierro Scruffy - 'This album is at the same time too much and too little: it tries to diversify in so many different directions, but ultimately it offers little of substance in each of the different directions.'

But don't listen to those plebs. Form an opinion of your own.


Avirl 14 - A beautiful and moving piano peice


Cock/Ver10 - This is objectively better than Windowlicker


Nanou2 - I can't even describe this well enough. Just listen.