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Daft Punk without their masks. Bangalter on the right.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They wear masks most of the time. Generally considered pretty good. None of their albums are quite like the others, so prepare to be disappointed if you like one and move on to another.


Genre: Chicago House/French House

Least discussed of their four studio albums. Heard "Around The World"? It's like that. Danceable, but not super accessible.


Genre: French House/Pop

Pitchfork essential. Bright, happy, danceable, accessible.

Human After All[]

Genre: House/Electronic Rock

Considered their worst album. Made in 6 weeks and it shows. Pretty much like SebastiAn but worse. Dark, danceable, not accessible.

Random Access Memories[]

Genre: Pop/Funk

Most popular/most critically acclaimed, also the most controversial on /mu/. Takes away the one common element from their first three albums, the House. Features a bunch of other artists. Also has more feels than any other album. Some parts are danceable, pleb garbage very accessible.

Live Albums[]

Alive 1997

Genre: Chicago House/French House

A live 45-minute recording of DP in their early years. Not all that great IMO, but if you're really into DP you might want to check it out.

Alive 2007

Genre: French House/Chicago House/Pop/Electronic Rock

Liked any of the first three albums? You'll most likely love this. Very well done mashups.


Daft Club

Genre: House/R&B/Pop

Remixes of Discovery. Considered poor, panned by Pitchfork and pretty much everyone. Not recommended.

Human After All: Remixes

Genre: House/Electronic Rock

Decent remixes of Human After All. Doesn't work that well as an album, but you might want to check it out if you liked Human After All.

Tron Legacy

Genre: Electronic/Orchestral

Soundtrack to the Tron reboot of 2010. If you like soundtracks, you'll probably like this, it's well done. Not much at all like DP's other stuff though.

Tron Legacy: Reconfigured

Genre: Electronic

Remixes of the Tron Legacy soundtrack. OK, not talked about much. If you want to hear the soundtrack but want beats, you might like this.