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To make music you will need an instrument. You probably want to make guitar music. See the guitar section below. Some basic music knowledge will be required, see Informational Images.


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Guitar Music[]

The guitar is a common instrument used extensively in rock and pop music, among many other genres.

If you don't know how to play the guitar, it's suggested that you learn the fundementals 

There are two main types of guitar, electric and acoustic. If you don't have a guitar but are planning on buying one, go with the kind that you have the most fun playing. 

Once you have a guitar, and it's in tune (electronic tuners are available), a good place to start is to learn how to form some basic open chords on the fretboard. Strum down on the strings at a slow tempo, and practice being able to change from one chord to another smoothly. The trick is to start slow and gradually get faster. With a few main chords, you'll be able to play countless pop and rock songs. When you change the chords that you are playing, this is called a chord progression, and some chords will sound better with others. To know why isn't necessary to create music but it is recommended to become a more well-rounded musician. 

Already can play the guitar a little bit? Then it's much easier to explain how to create music (or at least the most typical variety.)

Starting with a chord progression: do you have a few chords that you like and think sound good together? [in progress]

If you're lost and don't know where to start, there are plenty of reference books and online resources to help you. Here are some suggested steps to help out the clueless:

  1. Pick a music key, as this will give you some direction to start in. There are twelve notes in Western music, and a music key uses seven notes. Those seven notes are derived from a formula of using steps (distance between the pitch of notes) given a particular note to start on. Take for example, the C major scale, it begins on the C note and because it's a major scale we can find out what the other notes are going to be.

[in progress]


A synthesizer is an electronic instrument that uses various methods to produce sound. Some of the most popular methods are subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation. Synthesizers range from software to physical instruments, and utilize analog or digital sugnals.