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Campfire Songs is Animal Collective's third album. It was released in 2003, although it was recorded in 2001. It is the first album to feature Deakin, and although Geologist was present for the recording, he did not perform and is not credited. The original release did not credit any artist, however, the reissue credited Animal Collective.

This album was a large departure from Danse Manatee, as it was completely acoustic. It is a raw, near-unedited recording done on Avey Tare's aunt's back porch - the sounds of the outdoors are not field recordings added in post-production. The sounds of the outdoors give the album an ambient feel.

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing[]

  1. Queen in My Pictures - 9:58
  2. Doggy - 4:39
  3. Two Corvettes - 4:58
  4. Moo Rah Rah Rain - 11:01
  5. De Soto De Son - 11:34

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