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Belle and Sebastian Write About Love, also known simply as Write About Love, is the eighth album by Belle & Sebastian, released on October 11, 2010. Stylistically, it was partial return to the band's moodier roots, while keeping the high production value from their previous two albums. It also featured the return of the band's signature orchestral sections, which were not included in the previous album.

It was well received, and is tied with The Life Pursuit as the band's highest charting album. Inspired by Stuart Murdoch's side project, God Help the Girl, the album features more female vocals, including tracks featuring Norah Jones and Carey Mulligan. 

Critical Reception[]

Track Listing[]

(All songs by Stuart Murdoch unless where otherwise noted)

  1. I Didn't See It Coming - 5:02 (Stuart Murdoch/Sarah Martin)
  2. Come on Sister - 3:53
  3. Calculating Bimbo - 4:21
  4. I Want the World to Stop - 4:33
  5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (ft. Norah Jones) - 4:33
  6. Write About Love (ft. Carey Mulligan) - 2:53
  7. I'm Not Living in the Real World - 3:09 (Stevie Jackson)
  8. The Ghost of Rockschool - 4:34
  9. Read the Blessed Pages - 2:43
  10. I Can See Your Future - 3:50 (Sarah Martin)
  11. Sunday's Pretty Icons - 3:44

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