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All lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling

All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling is the debut album of Canadian post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, it was released in a single batch of 33 tapes which was then distributed among friends of the band.  The album is famous for being ungodly difficult to find and so far, only one person has claimed to have an original tape. It has since been found and posted on 4chan on February 4th, 2022, while being officially released by Efrim Menuck on the band's Bandcamp on February 14.

Band Opinion[]

The reason the tapes are so hard to find is that the band has publicly said that they do not believe that the tape is interesting enough to recieve a dedicated reissue.  Any attempts to acquire the tape from either Constellation or the band directly have been turned away.

Track Listing[]

Side A
  1. "Drifting Intro Open"
  2. "Shot Thru Tubes"
  3. "Three Three Three"
  4. "When All the Furnaces Exploded"
  5. "Beep"
  6. "Hush"
  7. "Son of a Diplomat, Daughter of a Politician"
  8. "Glencairn 14"
  9. "$13.13"
  10. "Loose the Idiot Dogs"
  11. "Diminishing Shine"
  12. "Random Luvly Moncton Blue(s)"
  13. "Dadmomdaddy"
Side B
  1. "333 Frames Per Second"
  2. "Revisionist Alternatif Wounds to the Hair-cut Hit Head"
  3. "Ditty for Moya"
  4. "Buried Ton"
  5. "And the Hairy Guts Shine"
  6. "Hoarding"
  7. "Deterior 23"
  8. "All Angels Gone"
  9. "Deterior 17"
  10. "Deterior Three"
  11. "Devil's in the Church"
  12. "No Job"
  13. "Dress Like Shit"
  14. "Perfumed Pink Corpses from the Lips of Ms. Céline Dion"[4]


In September 14 of 2013 a user on Reddit called "Casketjack" claimed to have gotten the cassette in the 90's, He posted about it on the r/music subreddit on Reddit and the post blew up with people telling him to upload it/Scepticism/Death Threats/etc and soon he decided to pussy out and delete his Reddit account.

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