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Discovering Music

An indepth guide to help you explore the world of music.

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Obtaining Music

All the methods you could ever need to find the music you want.

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Essential Charts

Looking for new music to explore? Try the essential charts.

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Don't know where to start with an artist? Our collection of flowcharts should help.

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Album Artwork Mashups - ThatoneOP - 2021/06/01 02:50

ThatoneOP: This page is dedicated to hosting Album Cover Mashups<gallery widths="185"> Knows When.png|Neutral Milk Hotel x Loveless Little Dark Twin Fantasy.png|Twin Fantasy x Little Dark Age N...

/mu/ Tournaments - ThatoneOP - 2021/06/01 01:01

ThatoneOP: This page is dedicated to hosting the results of /mu/'s recent AOTY and AOTD tournaments<gallery widths="185"> 1589283850178 (1).jpg|2000s AOTD LOVELESS.png|90s AOTD File:15813367832...