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Midori (ミドリ) was a jazz-punk band from Osaka, Japan, formed in July 2003. They broke up after their last show on December 30, 2010.

Singer/guitarist Mariko Goto released a solo album on July 25, 2012, titled 299792458.


Midori formed after two other Osaka-based bands, Usagi and Teromeya, broke up. They released two demos and went through numerous line-up changes before signing to indie label Gyuune Casette in 2005. On this label they put out an EP (First) and a full-length album (Second♥) in 2005 and 2007. There was a live DVD with two shows released in 2006, though it's almost impossible to find today, as it was a limited release and is apparently not available on the internet outside of Japanese auction sites.

In 2007 they signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Their first major label release was the EP Shimizu in November. In May of 2008 they released their most well-known album (and their most popular on /mu/) Aratamemashite, Hajimemashite, Midori Desu (Hello Everyone, Nice to Meet You, We Are Midori). Following this, the band released a live album and appeared on quite a few compilations and tribute albums. In 2009 they released their only single (Swing) and their second DVD, Hatsutaiken.

In 2010 Midori released their final album, shinsekai. Their last show was at Tokyo Liquidroom on December 30, 2010. A DVD of the show was released the following year. The limited edition included a bonus DVD with all music videos released while signed to Sony.




  • ファースト (First) (2005)
  • 清水 (Shimizu) (2007) - Released on vinyl by Cicada Peaks
  • ライブ!! (Live!!) (2008)


  • Swing (2009)